Selected Work Archive


Artist Statement:

My primary focus is the visual kinetics of sculpture.  It is my intention to bring to view the” negative space”. Architectural lines and the motion of nature are primary inspiration for my work.  Design comes from three basic mindsets; mechanical, organic or a combination of the two.

The design goal is for the work to appear kinetic to the eye, even when static.  Works are typically suspended, but some are also wall mounted and free standing.  I work on site-specific commissions as well as my own studio projects.

Large scale works are executed via contracted fabricator.  Materials range from bronze, brass, aluminum, cold/hot rolled steel or stainless steel rod for the “armatures”. Materials for “ballast” (or positive space) vary from sheet metal to acrylic to found material objects.

Selected Past Exhibits, Commissions and Studio Projects

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Individual Artist of the Year

Wichita Art Council, 2012.


Lease Installation:  Cohlmia Marketing, Wichita, KS

Title: “Untitled-K111″ (Horizontal 1)

Stainless tube, natural. 8ftx21ft, 2011.
Fabrication, Karg Industries at Karg Art Glass, Kechi, Kansas.

This design began as a sketch on a photograph of the
“New Wing” at the Ordrupgaard Museum in Copenhagen.

The hall is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects of London.

I like the clean minimalism of the concrete and glass.
I imagined a single line, such as a thin white paint stripe
on a red race car to ever so slightly break up the space.
These are the photos from “Living Architecture” magazine,
followed by the work inspired.

Commission: Maquette for Kansas Turnpike Authority

Atrium Sculpture. 2010.
Stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic and steel vise base on limestone plinth.

Commission: Price-Harris Elementary

Wichita Schools Sculpture Project, 2010.

Stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic.

Commission: B. Valliant

Bronze, brass, hot rolled steel.


Commission: S. Gleissner, WAM Curator

Private Collection
Bronze, brass, hot rolled steel.


Workshop and Residency: Kunsthoff Tangendorf, Tangendorf, Germany, 2009.
Ten day workshop in Tangendorf, followed by a ten day solo exhibit at Gallery OS8 in Berlin. A total of six works were completed at Tangendorf. Two pieces ramained at the “hoff”.

The inventory from the workshop was hand carried from Tangendorf via “bummed” car ride to Berlin, in a shopping bag. The entire exhibit then was luggage-carried home to Kansas in a “Lute” case acquired from a nearby, Berlin music laden.

A homecoming exhibit at the GO Away Garage Gallery
held the following September. Photos below.
The New Zealander Berlin
Official title “0910 New Zealander Berlin”
This work is representational of the sidewalk café in Berlin, the New Zealander.
It is a rather typical and delightful neighborhood gathering spot in the Friedrichshain district of former East Berlin.
We spent much of our meal and relax time in Berlin at this spot visiting with the owners, staff and locals as well as a few transplant  Americans who befriended us.
I had returned from Germany in July and was preparing for the homecoming exhibit, “Gulick-Gulick, A Dualing Solo Exhibit”.
I believed I was lacking something for the exhibit. I was happy with the inventory as it was, but something seemed to be missing. With only three weeks till the exhibit, this thought had become annoying.
One day, driving through my own neighborhood, I noticed a neighbor had stacked a pile of detritus at the curbside. Low and behold was this excellent condition hall table.
The inspiration for the “Table” came in an instant.
I would honor my “Café Comrades” for their hospitality!
So…here is to all at the New Zealander, Cheers!


Commission: N. Chan, Singapore, Malaysia


Wichita Art Museum, Exhibit, “inter/ACTIVE”,
Christopher Gulick, Tom McGuire, Lee Shiney.
Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit. March, 2008- March, 2010

Solo Exhibit: “Sketches and Maquettes”, Wichita Center for the Arts. Wichita, KS, 2008

Commission: “Untitled 0803″, Sinclair, Wichita, Kansas
Copper, Stainless, PVC. 2008

Commission: “Untitled 0807″, K. and G. Stevens, Wichita, Kansas
Aluminum, Acrylic. 2008

Commission: R. Saunders, Wichita, Kansas
“Untitled 0701″, Brass, 2007

Solo Exhibit: oder24 (Gallery24) Berlin, Germany, 2006

Commission: Randles, Wichita, Kansas,
Aluminum, Stainless, Acrylic. 2005

Commission: J. Blehm, Wichita, Kansas,
Aluminum, Acrylic. 2004

Loan: City Hall Atrium, Roeland Park, Kansas (Greater Kansas City Metro) 2004-present

Commission: Cyphers, Wichita, Kansas, 2004

Location: Stanley Elementary, Wichita, Kansas

2005 Exhibit, “Art in Motion”,  Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



Loaned: “Untitled 0401″ 2004 Williams Spurgeon Kuhl & Freshnock Architects, Inc.