Recent Work

Kansas Health Foundation/ Kansas Leadership Center. Wichita, KS.
“KLC1-13″ (Moving in Stereo)” 2013. Bronze, Stainless, Aluminum. 8′x16′ variable.
Steven Gleissner Art Consultant.
Installation, October 2013
This work is an abstraction of the building and its occupants. The hard angles and starkness of the aluminum panels represent the architecture, the windows and doorways that are traversed by the people. The organic side built of bronze panels and curved stainless rods reflect the people and their movements in and throughout the structure. Often buildings and their occupants influence one another in a variety of ways. Such is with this sculpture. Depending on the angle of view, which is varied through the multiple of window walls, the view of the organic side or the architectural side intermingle and change in perceived balance.
Installation time-lapse video.
The model:

The completed work:

8 ft X 16 ft variable. Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless.

Commission Installation:
G and R Schuberth. Kansas City, Kansas
“KLC-M2-13″ (the Red and the Black)” 2013. Steel and Acrylic.

International Sculpture Center World Conference.
Kansas Delegate.
December 1-4, 2013. Miami.
Link to ISC
My submission for the “little SCULPTURE” exhibit at Fountainhead Studios during the conference. Bronze, 8inX8inX8in, 2013


Group Exhibit
“Desserts First”
Installation group exhibit produced by artist Randy Regier.
1714 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS
Link to Flickr photo review 

Featured Artist:
KMUW membership drive, Fall 2013.
Pledge Drive Premium page.
3-D work featured on KMUW Coffee mug and T-Shirt design.
All photography and graphic design by and courtesy of KMUW.

KMUW/ Wichita State University. Permanent Collection.
LINK to KMUW Radio
“SP1-13″ (Self Portrait-1 2013)
This sculpture is a “self-portrait” of the “process” of my work. My personal image is pointless.
The imagery of the processes in work, the materials implemented, the tools and the origins of all the above are the true interest when studying the artists.
Here you see the bench vise, hammer and assorted clamps. These tools are holding in place the myriad of materials I’ve used for years. I’ve built work with scrap metal plate and found items such as Erector Set parts, clothes hangers and yes, colored vinyl records.
I typically use round rod of all basic metals, bronze, steel, brass and aluminum.
So, this image is a more accurate representation of me as an artist than, well………………..
my ever-aging face.

Guest Speaker:
Wichita Art Museum, “Art Chatter”
Facebook link.
Wichita Art Museum Link
Link to WAM Christopher Gulick catalog listing

Solo Exhibit:
“Small Works”, Recent works by Christopher Gulick.
COLOUR Gallery, Tulsa, OK.
Nov, 1-30. 2013 Opening Reception-Nov, 2, 2013.
Facebook link to COLOUR

Guest Speaker panelist:
Creative Rush

CreativeRush aims to create a platform for people to learn across all creative mediums and channel this knowledge and inspiration into improving their own work and discovering new creative possibilities. By providing a monthly topic on which to think and a diverse panel of speakers from whom to learn, CreativeRush will build and foster a community of creatives that constantly challenges its idea of the term “creativity.”
A FREE city wide monthly meet up for Creatives* in Wichita.
Meets the first Tuesday @ various venues every month!

Group Exhibit:
20th anniversary reunion exhibit.
City Arts, Wichita ,KSApril-May, 2013.
The FDA is the collective of which I am a lifetime member.Media Reviews:

Solo Exhibit:
“In the Studio…LIVE”
Steckline Gallery, Newman University, Wichita, KS
March-April, 2013

This was an on-site live exhibition build/residency. I built a mock copy of my studio with workbench, tools, supplies such as metal rods, wire and sheetmetal, computer for music/ internet, several item of decor such as self-portrait painting of my mother’s, photos of decease colleagues, award letters as well as several rejection letters.
For 3 solid weeks, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm I worked on new sculpture. I brought with me a stack of my sketchbooks. I invited the students and other visitors to select for me, designs from my sketchbooks to challenge my creativity. I built the works selected by these interactive companions.
Selections were indeed a challenge. Most sketches were not of personal or visual aesthetic interest to me. Since commission work is my key focus and interest, I stand by the saying, “The customer is always right”.
Therefore I take the execution and craftsmanship of the work very seriously.
I am very pleased with the results of all the work. The “clients” were all pleased with their selections and the renderings.
The single most important part of this exhibit/residency for me became the beginnings of the “bas-relief” works. I had of yet taken or made the opportunity to execute any of the many bas-relief works I have sketched.
Therefore, thanks to the interaction of art students and art lovers, I myself have yet again been pushed past my own limitations, kicked out of my own box so to speak.
Look for many upcoming bas-relief works in the future.
Steckline exhibit photo samples below.

The Dora Timmerman Interactive Sculpture Project / WSU Foundation
Beech Elementary. Wichita, Kansas
March-May, 2013

This was a collaborative project with the 5th grade class of Beech Elementary to design and build a sculpture for the permanent collection of Beech Elementary school.
75 Students design individual workson paper and then built small scale working models they retained for their personal collections. I then extrapolated a single design from the student designs and built the sculpture. Hence the students are the “Artist” and I became the “Fabricator”.
The basic intent of this annual project is for regional sculptors to interact with students and assist onsite educators of the USD259.
At the end of the day, it is the students that indeed teach ME.
Below is study sketch of sculpture, formulated from a compilation of drawings from the students and the final install as well.

Art Miami week,
December, 2013
Select Fair is a contemporary art fair that takes place in Miami Beach during Art Basel week. Select Fair features cutting edge contemporary work by galleries, print dealers, collectives, and artists.

International Sculpture Center.
Sponsored by ISC and Sculpture magazine.
Chicago, Ill.Oct, 2012.
Below: “ISC1-12″ 2012 Bronze, 6″x6″x6″.
Work created for the small works exhibit of ISC members during convention.
Maquette for monmental proposal.

ISC Artist talks, “Art-Slam”.
My 10 minute talk regarding inspration, intent, process and materials.

Andover City Library
With Martha Wherry, Painter.
Martha and I are working from the regional influence of our “flatland, big-sky” landscape.
Oct, 2012. On display through October:
“Flint Hills #1″ 2012.
Abstract rendering of the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge.
Installed as a triptych untill space allows for final framework armature.


“Small Works”. Series Exhibits:
ARTWORKS (Wichita, KS),
Opening reception, Sept, 29, 2012-Oct, 22, 2012
STRECKER NELSON Gallery (Manhattan, KS),
“Animalia” Group Exhibit.
Opening, Sept, 21, 2012- Oct, 22, 2012

Project Exhibition:
“Canned Art Project” at the Philbrook Museum of Fine Art. Tulsa, OK.
Nov, 2012. Ongoing project.
Producer Daniel Gulick Jr.

Wichita Art Museum, permanent collection.
Installation complete, April, 2012.
Link to Wichita Art Museum Christopher Gulick catalog listing. 

Peterson Elementary (Wichita, KS).
Collaboration project with Peterson 5th graders
of school year 2011-2012.
The students executed design drawings of
their idea for a mobile sculpture. I built the work
from design aspects derived from 100 plus drawings.
Installation/ presentation, May, 2012.


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