Christopher Gulick Sculpture
Kinetic, Mobiles, Suspended, Bas-Relief and Free-Standing

Exhibits ,Studio Projects and Events

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Current Projects Underway:                                         

Solo Exhibit
.  “Re-Visit”
Past drawings, maquettes and sculpture.
This is a selected inventory from past exhibits in Berlin, New York and Wichita.
Bob Schwan Studios
Internet Commentary from the UK, click here
(Comentary text: Bob Schwan Studio)
“Bob Schwan is a local artist recognised for his intense use of colour, a vibrant palette and an almost naïve, charming quality to his paintings. While the studio is home to many of his canvases, Bob also invites other artists to showcase their work there, including Christopher Gulick, a sculptor and installation artist whose interests revolve around kinetics and architecture, and who explores matter’s interaction with empty space. Bob Schwan Studioregularly participates in Wichita’s artsy Final Fridays.”
111 S. Ellis, Wichita, Kansas

Opens March 28, through April. 2014
Local Media Preview Article Click Here

Group Exhibit, Performance:
“Are You My Mother”. Works inspired by P.D. Eastman book. Reading of the book accompanied by experimental guitarist M.S. Walker

Commission: ”LS1-14 (Lissitzky Suite)”
Bas-Relief, Bronze and Painted Aluminum. 43x73x6
Client, Art Advisory Services Inc.for the Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Solo Exhibit: “Coroplast Studies”
Concept and renderings for bas-relief works from sketchbooks, maquettes and
studies of the early Russian and Soviet Avant- Garde.
Bluebird Arthouse
924 West Douglas, Wichita, Kansas
June, 2014


Commission: Installation. Cohlmia Marketing. Wichita, KS Debut, July 2014.

My sketch on photo from Interior Design magazine.

Installed Work

Workshop Residency:
ANNEX:art STL (St. Louis studios of Pablo Von Lichtenberg))
Week long build of concept maquette studies and exhibit of work during the:
OPEN STUDIO – STL presented by Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Sample works from residency:

Studio work (come visit for a coffee break).


Exhibit: “In the Middle of Everywhere”
New sculpture, Bas-Relief abstract landscapes.
Carriage Factory Gallery
128 E 6th St, Newton, Kansas
Oct, 4-Nov, 29, 2014.
Preview examples:

“CF2-14 (Bronze Longhorn)”

“CF1-14 (Red Planet)”

“PB1-14 (Landscape of Process)”

Solo Exhibit: “In the Studio-Part 2”

This (AGAIN) is an on-site live exhibition build/residency. I will build a mock copy of my studio with workbench, tools, supplies such as metal rods, wire and sheet metal, computer for music/ internet, several item of decor such as self-portrait painting of my mother’s, photos of decease colleagues, award letters as well as several rejection letters.

For 3 solid weeks, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm I will work on new sculpture. I’ll bring a stack of my sketchbooks. I invite the students and other visitors to select for me, designs from my sketchbooks to challenge my creativity. I will build the works selected by these interactive companions.

Selections were indeed a challenge. Most sketches were not of personal or visual aesthetic interest to me. Since commission work is my key focus and interest, I stand by the saying, “The customer is always right”.
Therefore I take the execution and craftsmanship of the work very seriously.
I am very pleased with the results of all the work. The “clients” were all pleased with their selections and the renderings.
The single most important part of this exhibit/residency for me became the beginnings of the “bas-relief” works. I had of yet taken or made the opportunity to execute any of the many bas-relief works I have sketched.
Therefore, thanks to the interaction of art students and art lovers, I myself have yet again been pushed past my own limitations, kicked out of my own box so to speak.
Look for many upcoming bas-relief works in the future.

Collaborative Exhibit:
“Adornment” or…”This Old Thing?” or “…My Pretty!” (working titles)
Jewelry Exhibit.
Exhibit date and venue details, TBA
In studio collaboration between myself and artist Janet Riddel
(of the Wichita Art Museum ”Art Start” Education Program).
We are building sculpture as jewelry.
Planned designs as well as “freestyle” builds are in process.
Live models (male as well as female) will saunter about to display the works
during the exhibit.
Sample photos below.

Studio project:
“Sunbeam-the Blue Period” (working title).
I have acquired a 1965 Sunbeam Alpine sports car.
It has been stripped to the bare uni-body.
I will cut it up and then reconstruct into a sculpture/ installation.
Exhibition TBA.

Studio Project:
“Trabant- Back in the US, I mean DDR” (working title).
I have acquired a 1977 Trabant wagon.
The previous owner states,
“It was East Germany’s answer to the people’s car.
They were made in the DDR in Zwickau.
They were never even exported to the
Soviet Union (as far as I know). East Germany, Yugoslavia,
Czechoslovakia and Hungary received these. As far as I know that was it.”
This particular wagon met its (early) demise here in Kansas and
the owner graciously granted permission for me to cut it up for art’s sake.
Exhibition TBA.

Mobile, Mobiles, Stabiles, Kinetic, Suspended, Sculpture, Abstract, Non-Objective,
Mid Century Modern, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum