Christopher Gulick Sculpture
Kinetic, Mobiles, Suspended, Projection-Relief and Free-Standing

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NEWS and Calendar
Solo Exhibit:

Unveiling at Cohlmia Marketing
Friday, March 27, 5 to 8 pm
Cohlmia Marketing
535 West Douglas Avenue #170
Wichita, Kansas
(316) 262-6066
Join us for the Final Friday formal unveiling of the newest lease-commission projection-relief sculpture at Cohlmia Marketing, a strategic marketing communication firm.

Solo Exhibit:
New Projection-Relief Works
April 24- May 23.
Reuben Saunders Gallery at Artworks
7724 E. Central
Wichita, KS
(316) 682-1481
A new focus of late has been, well, the wall.
I’ve always enjoyed bas-relief work in general.
Lately someone pointed out that these new works are more in the realm of “projection-relief”, in that they are certainly not “low” relief. OK…fair enough.
Another focus has been the word “process”.
My process, your process or all the processes of our evolution as humans in general and as individuals.
Each one of us enjoys or suffers all types of process in our daily lives on the path to whatever we are doing or wherever we are going.
In our education, our personal endeavors and all of our relationships whether private or business, we always have a start as well as an end goal.
The works involving tools for instance are items from a single estate sale.
The pegboard has its own unique aesthetic appeal.
Equally so do the used tools, most of which have been discarded as they have run their course of usefulness.
These items have an accidental patina that can only be acquired through circumstance.
I have rescued them, cleaned them, waxed them and composed them to come alive again.
This detritus now dances in a kinetic sculpture, a dance if you will.
They now remind us of the dance of our very selves in past “processes”.
We have worked on, in, around and out, whether from need, desire or more importantly, the experience.
The beginning nor the end are the majority of our experiences.
The greater body of these processes is indeed…our LIVES.”

Group Exhibit:
Install 5.15
May – June, 2015
Vertigo 232 Gallery
232 N. Market, Wichita, KS
(316) 264-2450
Vertigo 232 Gallery
Group exhibit of installation sculpture and performances.

Solo Exhbit:
“Recent Work”
at Visual Fusion Gallery, Wichita, KS.
June-July, 2015

Duet Exhibit:
Wearable Sculpture 
Fashion Exhibit
Watch for more information soon on this fun event coming up this summer!

Residency/ Workshop:

I will hold a workshop for kinetic sculpture at
ANNEX:art, Kunsthof Tangendorf, Tangendorf, Germany.
Sept, 2015.
Link to apply for workshop. 

Sculpture Conference:

ISC (International Sculpture Center)
25th International Sculpture Conference: New Frontiers in Sculpture.
Kansas Delegate
Phoenix, Arizona November 4 – 7, 2015.
Link to ISC 
Work available through TODL, Absolute Arts, CODA Worx
and Reuben Saunders Gallery